PRIDE Truck Wash LLC

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Tractor Only (Standard) = $50.00

Tractor & Box Trailer = $82.00

Tractor & Flat Bed = $73.00

Tractor & Flat w/ Sides = $78.50

Engine Wash = $10.00

Premium Wax = $10.00

Tire Dressing = $1.00 per wheel

Motor Home = $1.00 per foot

Every tractor wash gets:

Free vacuum

Tire dressing

Towel dried

Brush wash with our foam conditioner.

Your choice of air freshener

Our Prices

Although our competitor’s cost may be more or less, we remain consistent.  This means you can count on us to be consistent on our prices, quality, performance and customer care at all times!

At PRIDE Truck Wash you get what you pay for!  We back up the meaning of PRIDE!

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